In just three days in Paris, she finds love on the metro

If yours is late, remember this story worthy of romantic comedies

If yours is late, remember this story worthy of romantic comedies.

It was September 2016. To end her vacation in style, Andye was spending three days in Paris when she decided to jump aboard this wagon that would change her life forever. “I took the metro to go back to my friend’s house; that’s where he got on , ” Andye told CNN .

“He” is Steven, a 24-year-old student at the time. When he arrived in the car, it was already full of passengers. He stood while Andye sat, travel backpack on her knees and earphones in her ears.

Steven noticed her right away. “I found her very beautiful ,” he recalls. “We kept watching each other ,” she recalls. He turned to look at me and I looked away, and we went on like that for a good quarter of an hour.

If yours is late, remember this story worthy of romantic comediesAs the subway sped under the streets of the capital, Steven thought of a polite way to start a conversation with “the girl with the backpack” , as he likes to call her. During this time, she gradually became aware of her budding interest in this “unknown”: “And if it was my husband without me ever being able to know it? she wondered then. I will surely have to get off this subway and never see him again… When our eyes finally met and neither of us turned him away, I saw his lips move. So I took off one of my headphones. Steven suggested that she move her backpack to the empty seat next to her. The conversation was on.

A real version of “Emily in Paris”

They continued to date until Andye had to return to Amsterdam to graduate. Once the sesame in her pocket, they saw each other one last time in Paris before she left for the United States for good. Andye boarded the plane with no plans to return to Europe. She knew, however, that they loved each other : “We kept hoping to see each other again without knowing when that would be possible.”

The first months of a long-distance relationship were complicated, but they managed to hold on: three years later, on September 16, 2019, the couple got married in Washington. Today, Andye and Steven live in Florida and plan their future adventures together. “One of the symbolic things – and I don’t think he realizes this – is that when we travel he likes to ask me [if he can] carry my backpack,” Andye says.

When they recount their meeting to other people, some tell them that it looks like a fairy tale. Or, more in tune with the times: “With him, I feel like I’m living in a romantic comedy ,” she jokes.

Looking back, they continue to be amazed at the turn events have taken, as Andye explains: “There are days when I say to him: my God, I’m married to a stranger that I met in the metro in Paris! »

“What if I had full article

Opposites no longer attract

Opposites no longer attract

The adage that in love opposites attract is less and less relevant, according to science.

Many are the American series taking place in high school where the best student in the class falls in love with the bad boy in the last row, where the somewhat shy scientist ends up falling in love with a teenage girl who sucks in math. In popular and media culture , radically different people seem to come together through the power of love. Maybe you even know some couples who fit this description perfectly and whose relationship longevity is amazing.

For the BBC , Jessica Klein took an interest in this received idea. If it is complicated to go back to the exact origins of the adage, the journalist found traces of it in the work of sociologist Robert F. Winch . In 1954, he worked on the “search for complementarity in the selection of a partner” , this would mean, for example, that introverted people are more interested in extroverted people in order to be influenced by them. Ten years later, the work of psychologist Donn Byrne concludes the opposite: we would tend to appreciate a person who is unknown to us if we recognize in him qualities similar to ours.

Opposites no longer attractIn 2017, psychology professor Angela Bahn studied 1,500 couples and developed a system of statistical measures to determine whether the two partners are similar in behavior as well as in values, leisure activities or alcohol consumption. On average, they share 86% of the variables measured, without the duration of the relationship influencing the result.

She also discovers that it is at the level of personality that couples have the least similarities. By taking into account the “Big Five” or “ five great personality traits ” (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neurosis) to measure personality , Bahn notes that certain assemblies are very rare or seem to work less: “ two people very dominants will find it difficult to get along, this is a place where complementarity or “the attraction of opposites” works. »

The same year, a survey by psychologist Youyou Wu suggests – thanks to the study of the Facebook profiles of 1,000 couples and 50,000 couples of friends – that opposites do not attract at all, even when it comes to personality.

Dating apps would even tend to accentuate this. In 2020, on Tinder, mentions of “ Black Lives Matter ” or BLM, a mark of support for the American anti-racist movement, were multiplied by 55 . These endorsements are often used to indicate that it is impossible for the person to date someone who does not support the movement.

In addition, the algorithms used by most of these applications bring people who share the same interests closer together . In 2016, at the time of the US presidential elections, several applications for Donald Trump voters were created. On OkCupid, by registering, you must complete a questionnaire which allows you to mention (if the person wishes) their political opinion … full article

Men can have fetish for various things consisting of fetish for hands

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Fetish is really common sensation that all the men and females can have in them. A few of these desires are well known to the world while lots of other fetishes are there that are less understood to the world. Out of these different fetishes fetish for hands is one of the most unheard and common fetish amongst people. I was also not mindful that people can have hot desires for hands also, but when I dated cheap escorts of London, then I recognized that men can have sexual fetish for hands too.

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Много евтини фирми за красавици с микроблейдинг споделят голи изображения на своите жени на своя уебсайт

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Многобройни момчета във Варна получават евтина помощ от красавици с микроблейдинг, за да се насладят на очарователното време със зашеметяващи и също привлекателни дами. За да получите привлекателни и също привлекателни жени като ваш партньор, можете допълнително да вземете това специфично решение и можете да ги получите, като разгледате интернет сайта на евтина красавици с микроблейдинг компания. Но когато посетите интернет сайта, след това ще забележите много голи снимки на всички горещи жени, които си сътрудничат с тях. Тук бихте могли да поставите под въпрос причината да имате толкова много голи снимки на привлекателни момичета на място, а също така имам и някои решения за вас.

Няколко уебсайта споделят голите и секси изображения на своите момичета поради факта, че хората винаги са лесни за избор на платен спътник. Когато инспектират голите и горещи изображения на дами, след това те знаят какво ще получат, ако наемат евтини красавици с микроблейдинг като свой спътник във Варна . Също така, когато човек види голи и също атрактивни снимки на разкошни евтини ескорти, тогава този мъж получава повече привличане към жените и също така ги наема лесно за забавление във Варна . Така че, можем да заявим голи изображения на уебсайта на евтина компания Варна красавици с микроблейдинг , за да улесним мъжете да изберат партньорка за тяхно забавление.

Сексапилна жена с красиви ламинирани миглиВ един момент хората желаят да получат някои чувствени, а също и голи чувствени решения от евтини и хубави Варна жени, които работят като красавици с микроблейдинг в Варна . Тъй като голите снимки на случая предлагат гаранция на момчетата, че могат да се подобрят, както и еротични услуги, като използват евтини ескорти. Тези голи изображения им обещават, че ако ще наемат красиви, а също и горещи жени от тази услуга, защото Варна , след това те ще получат желанията за чувствени или чувствени услуги и със сигурност ще получат най-доброто и най-впечатляващото забавление по същия начин в това Приближаване.

Друго забележително предимство от наличието на снимки на уебсайта е, че хората могат да изберат евтини красавици с микроблейдинг, преди да ги задоволят. При този подход те разбират кого ще изпълнят и това улеснява разпознаването на техните платени партньори на публично място във Варна . Така че, ако работите с евтини красавици с микроблейдинг като ваш спътник, както и ги изпълнявате на обществено място във Варна , тогава техните снимки могат да ви помогнат да ги определите лесно. Поради тази ситуация можете да се свържете директно с платения си спътник, без да се притеснявате за какъвто и да е вид смущение или различни други проблеми, които може да получите, ако допуснете някаква грешка при този конкретен фактор.

При тази техника може да не ви се наложи да видите голи снимки на евтини, а също и очарователни ескорти във Варна , но за различни други услуги може да пожелаете да видите техните голи снимки. Ето защо много евтини красавици с микроблейдинг доставчик или агенции в Варна споделят тези снимки на сайта им. Както и, ако искате да видите тези голи тела снимки на евтин Варна красавици … full article

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