Sexual Fetish

When I was in London for my studies, then I did a project about sexual fetish in men and women. In order to complete that project about sexual fetish, I met so many men and women in London and thankfully all of them replied my questions in an open manner. After talking to many people in London, I made my project and I thought hot and sexythat survey is applicable only for people of London. But now I not in that city and I communicated so many people from entire world, so I know that sexual fetish or fantasies are actually not limited to any one area and it can be common among people from entire world.

When I was doing my research in London then I found that foot fetish, underwear fetish, bondage, role play and sex in public places are actually some of the most common sexual fantasies in people. I got the same kind of response from many people and I made my project report accordingly. After that I got a chance to move out of London and I got a chance to travel to all the big cities of this world. While traveling to unknown cities, I got a chance to talk to some unknown people also and I asked them about their sexual fetish, fantasies or desires as well. When I talked to them about this, then they also named these things.

Indeed, many of them talked about voyeurism, fetish for leather or latex, fantasy for shoes, body piercing, hairs, and few other things as well. But I got that kind of response from people of London as well. People that had this kind of sexual fetish were not less in London or other part of the world as well. In my communication, I got a chance to talk to some people with very weird sexual fetish as well, but that number was not very high.

Some men said they like to drink their own sperm and some said they like to drink the urine of their female partner. I got many more weird responses also about sexual fetish, but that number was very low. I got this kind of weird responses from people around the world including London, so I would not say that it was limited to any one city or

area. Also, I got many of those people also that considered it a big taboo and they ignored me completely when I shared my questions with them.

But with all the experience and my communication with so many people from entire world, I can say that people from entire world can have some kind of sexual desires in them. Also, I can say most of the time these fantasies might seem weird to an individual, but it can be actually very common. So, it does not matter that you live in London or thousands of miles away from this city, you don’t have to feel ashamed because of your sexual fetish or fantasies that you may have in deep of your heart.